1916 Bursary Fund South Cluster SOAR Project Application (Part I)

The 1916 Bursary Fund was established by the Department of Education and Skills. The purpose of the Fund is to encourage participation and success by students who are most economically disadvantaged and who are from communities significantly underrepresented in higher education. The South Cluster Higher Education Institutions (Cork Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology Carlow, Institute of Technology Tralee, University College Cork and Waterford Institute of Technology) have been awarded 35 bursaries. The bursaries fund will be administered through the Cluster South’s SOAR Project. The SOAR Project is an inter-institutional Access initiative funded under the Programme for Access to Higher Education (PATH) Fund.

There are two stages to making a complete 1916 Bursary Fund: South Cluster SOAR Project Application.


Stage 1) You must complete all sections of this online Application (Part I) by 17:00 30 August 2019.


Stage 2) If you are offered and accept a place in one of the South Cluster Higher Education Institutions this year you will receive an email in early September 2019 inviting you to complete Application (Part II). This will involve providing additional information and supporting documentation to complete your application.